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Phasing a Landscaping Project: Dos and Don’ts

May 2019
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If you’d like your yard to look like something that belongs in a magazine, but don’t necessarily have the budget to do it all at one time, there is another option – keep your dream vision but consider phasing your landscaping project over time.

The following Dos and Don’ts will help you phase your project.

DO: Plan your whole project

If you’re doing your landscaping project in phases that’s completely fine – it doesn’t have to be all done at once. It is, however, important to know what you want the whole area to look like when you’re done with everything, so nothing is forgotten. Even if your project will happen over multiple seasons, consider hiring a professional to plan out the whole project and have it phased into completion.

DON’T: Wait to plant trees

Big, mature trees did not get that way overnight, and it can take many years to give you the shade you’re hoping for. Unless your plan is to transplant already mature trees, getting a head start on planting them will benefit you in the future. By ensuring you have your whole project planned out, you can determine where you want the trees to be at the end and plant them now while you’re completing all the other work.

DO: Install useable surface early on

Many families will want to use their new yard right away, even if it isn’t finished yet. If your yard is mostly dirt while you’re waiting to finish the useable surfaces, you’ll track a lot of dirt into the house. The useable surfaces can include a variety of things such as patios, decks or grass. By making sure the useable surfaces are part of phase one you’ll be able to enjoy part of your yard, even if it’s not fully completed yet.

DON’T: Be afraid to ask

The professionals will be able to point out any issues or areas of concern with what you want to do. Consulting with a professional landscaper will save you a lot of headache in the future, and ensure you get the yard you want.

A good, well-planned landscaping project can add so much to the outdoor look of any home – and by taking a phased approach you can complete small amounts of work that add up over time.

If you would like more tips on landscaping or would like to hire professional help for your landscaping project, please contact us today.