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Snow Removal

Why Should I Hire an Off-Site Snow Removal Company in Hamilton?

It’s definitely here now: the long, cold season we call winter. When it’s hard enough to get out of bed on these dark, frigid mornings, having your business’ parking lot cleared of snow professionally may seem like a dream come true. But by hiring a snow clearing company, this winter dream can become a reality! Here’s why you should consider hiring an off-site snow removal company in Hamilton. What is Off-site Snow Removal? Unlike on-site... View Article

February 2020

To Our Valued Customer: Possible Road Salt Shortages Notice

Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association and our salt suppliers have informed us that there may be serious salt inventory shortages this year. Salt suppliers are predicting that the inventory shortage may last beyond 2019 depending on weather, production capacity at the mines and overseas import activity. The reasons for this inventory shortage include: An Ice storm just before spring 2018 depleted inventory The Compass Minerals mine in Goderich (the world’s largest salt supplier) experienced an... View Article

September 2018

Snow Clearing & Removal Services in Hamilton

With Hamilton winters we never really know how much snow we will get or when it will come. This can make winter maintenance very tricky for homes and businesses alike. If you wake up in the morning to a surprising amount of snow, it could delay getting to work on time. Likewise, for your business, having a delay in removing snow from your parking facilities could mean customers just don’t come in that day.  Professional... View Article

January 2018