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Why Should I Hire an Off-Site Snow Removal Company in Hamilton?

February 2020
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It’s definitely here now: the long, cold season we call winter.

When it’s hard enough to get out of bed on these dark, frigid mornings, having your business’ parking lot cleared of snow professionally may seem like a dream come true. But by hiring a snow clearing company, this winter dream can become a reality! Here’s why you should consider hiring an off-site snow removal company in Hamilton.

What is Off-site Snow Removal?

Unlike on-site snow removal, off-site snow removal uses trucks to move cleared snow to another location. Great for properties with small parking lots, the snow removal is typically done at off-peak business times. Not only does this achieve optimal snow clearance, but your business operations are also unaffected.

Reduce Risk and Liability

Snow and ice come with their share of risk. An off-site snow removal company helps minimize the risk related to winter accidents by ensuring your property is properly cleared and salted.

Since the snow is removed entirely, there are no snow hills or mounds that impact drivers’ ability to see clearly in your parking lot – or take up precious parking spots.

If snow piles are left, they will thaw and freeze over with warmer temperatures/sun during the winter. This poses a liability because water will run across parking lots and walkways and then refreeze overnight when the sun is not shining. By removing snow piles, you limit this possibility entirely.

Besides clearing snow from your parking lot, and front and/or back walkways, sidewalks and steps will also be properly cleared of snow and salted. The snow removal helps reduce the risk of your employees and patrons from slipping and falling. In turn, this protects you from costly litigation and the headaches associated with absent and injured employees.

Get More Time to Yourself

By hiring an off-site snow removal company, no longer are you forced to get out of bed early to clear your lot before your business opens. Instead, you have a trusted professional in place who is familiar with your hours of operation and can have your lot cleared before you and your employees arrive at work.

Hamilton, like many other communities, has a bylaw in place regarding your responsibility for clearing snow and ice. If you’ve hired a snow removal company, no longer do you need to worry about who will be clearing your business property if you’re on vacation, ill or simply unable to attend to the matter. Instead, you can simply carry on with your regular morning routine, leaving a little extra time for the drive into work, of course!

Protect Your Investment

Old, dull snowplow blades can create damage to your parking lot or driveway, leaving you with an unappealing surface in the spring.

A professional snow clearing service provider should have a quality plow that’s maintained in great condition, leaving your asphalt surface the same way it was before the snowfall.

It may be January, but there is still plenty of winter left here in southern Ontario. If you are searching for a snow removal company in downtown Hamilton or surrounding areas, contact us today for a no-obligation quote about our off-site snow removal services.