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How to Create the Wow Factor in Your Backyard

Every spring and summer homeowners take to their properties with the hope of creating a unique backyard that morphs their lacklustre yard into an alluring retreat that creates a WOW effect. Regardless of the size or shape of your backyard, a makeover can turn an uninspiring yard into an appealing oasis of relaxation and entertainment. With a little planning and creativity, you can create a striking environment in your backyard and turn it into something... View Article

July 2020

Planting Techniques for Your Gardens

Like most things in life, planning is the key to success, and this holds true for your garden as well. Choosing a plant’s location, spacing, and feedings is important to the success of your gardening season. It’s also part of the enjoyment of choosing which plant or vegetable varieties you want to grow.  Any avid gardener will tell you that choosing varieties that work best for your growing conditions will produce the best yields, so... View Article

June 2020

Five Steps to Planning your Next Landscaping Project

You stare out into your backyard and imagine what could be. In your mind you see trees to the left, shrubbery to the right, and a stone walkway snaking through a series of flower beds. In order to make that vision a reality, you first need to create a project plan. That plan will help you nail down your landscaping goals, and offer insight into how much you’ll need to budget to see the project... View Article

May 2020

Choosing Your Landscaping Contractor

A beautifully landscaped yard cannot only dramatically improve the appearance of your Hamilton or Burlington home, but it can also greatly increase the enjoyment you get from your property. We all know that spending time outdoors is good for us, and the right landscaping job just might help you to do more of that. But how do you choose the right landscaping contractor? This is an important question because the right contractor can make the... View Article

April 2020

Modern Landscape Design Ideas

The white stuff may still be on the ground here in Hamilton, but that shouldn’t stop you from thinking about your landscape design if that is one of your goals for this year. In fact, imagining what your summer oasis will look like might be just the thing to help get you through a long, cold winter. Hamilton residents have a diverse range of preferences when it comes to landscape design, but in this article,... View Article

March 2020

Why Should I Hire an Off-Site Snow Removal Company in Hamilton?

It’s definitely here now: the long, cold season we call winter. When it’s hard enough to get out of bed on these dark, frigid mornings, having your business’ parking lot cleared of snow professionally may seem like a dream come true. But by hiring a snow clearing company, this winter dream can become a reality! Here’s why you should consider hiring an off-site snow removal company in Hamilton. What is Off-site Snow Removal? Unlike on-site... View Article

February 2020

Choosing the Best Pool House Design for Your Backyard Oasis

Your pool may be closed for the season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan for next season! Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing pool house or to install one for your new pool, check out some of the following ideas for inspiration. Are you tired of a trail of wet footprints throughout your home? Want a convenient area to store towels, pool equipment and chemicals? Pool houses and cabanas, located near a backyard... View Article

January 2020

4 Shrubs That Add Colour to Your Winter Landscape

After the bright, vibrant landscaping you’ve enjoyed during spring, summer and fall, it can be challenging to accept winter’s traditional bleakness. But no longer do you need to! With plenty of colourful shrubs available, adding some curb appeal to your winter gardens can be easily achieved. Try planting one (or more) of the following four shrubs to enjoy a colourful winter garden this season. Camellia With its glossy green leaves and vibrantly coloured flowers, the... View Article

December 2019

How to Prepare for a Proper Fall Cleanup

As the temperature starts to drop and fall approaches, there are plenty of fall cleanup projects that you’ll want to perform at this time of year. The cool weather is a good time to get the gardens, bushes and trees prepared for the upcoming bitter cold so that your gardens will rejuvenate when spring returns. The same holds true for your property, whether it’s aerating your lawn, cleaning windows, gutters, chimney sweeping, leaf raking or... View Article

November 2019

Change Your Front Entrance with Stone Steps

Oftentimes it is the smallest of changes that can make a huge difference in the appearance of your home. If you are looking to improve your home’s curb appeal, one of the best areas to focus on is your front entrance. When most people view a home from the street, it is natural for their eyes to be drawn to the entryway. Many home entrances, however, are sadly generic. Unless it is a custom-built home,... View Article

October 2019