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Why You Need to Have an Outdoor Fireplace

For many homeowners, an outdoor fireplace is a great addition to any backyard. It is a welcoming focal point for your home, family and guests. Having an outdoor fireplace is one of the latest popular trends for home renovations that combine comfort and warmth outside throughout the various seasons. With an outdoor fireplace, you can enjoy the lit skies of summer or the beauty of winter in your backyard nestled by the heat of your... View Article

October 2018

To Our Valued Customer: Possible Road Salt Shortages Notice

Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association and our salt suppliers have informed us that there may be serious salt inventory shortages this year. Salt suppliers are predicting that the inventory shortage may last beyond 2019 depending on weather, production capacity at the mines and overseas import activity. The reasons for this inventory shortage include: An Ice storm just before spring 2018 depleted inventory The Compass Minerals mine in Goderich (the world’s largest salt supplier) experienced an... View Article

September 2018

How to Use Interlocking Stone to Accent Your Property

So, you are using interlocking stone in your landscape? That’s great! Not only does interlocking stone (also known as interlocking pavers) add a degree of sophistication to your home, but it can be done with any budget in mind. The best part? Accenting your property with interlocking stone can be accomplished in various ways. Here’s how! Visualize a Pathway or area Usually, there are different areas within your project such as a deck/patio, barbecue area... View Article

September 2018

How to Choose an Interlocking Stone

From driveways to sidewalks, patios, pool decks and more, the interlocking stone can provide endless landscape design opportunities. But before you start to install your interlocking stone, you need to choose and purchase a quality product. Do you know where you should be purchasing your interlocking stone? Wondering how to choose the best interlocking stone for your landscaping project? Here are some points to keep in mind to ensure that your interlocking stone project goes... View Article

August 2018

Showcase Your Property with LED Landscape Lighting

So, you’ve spent a lot of time, money and sweat working hard on your property’s landscaping. What better way to show it off than with some great LED landscape lighting? Installing LED landscape lighting can make a dramatic improvement to your outdoor landscaping. By positioning lights properly around your yard, you’re able to showcase your favourite plants all day and night. Enjoy coming home to a beautifully lit yard every evening! Light Up Your Yard... View Article

July 2018

Where Should You Buy Your Plants?

Ok, so you’ve got this picture in your head about what your landscaping project is going to look like once you’re all done. You’ve researched various plant varieties and know exactly what you want. The question now is whether you’re going to buy your plants from a big box store or from your local nursery. If you’ve already started to shop around and look at prices, you’ve probably noticed that the big chains usually offer... View Article

June 2018

A Contractor Hiring Guide

So you’ve decided to embark on a landscaping project this summer. You’ve saved up some money for it. You’ve thought about how you will spend those warm summer nights, enjoying your new landscape design. All you have to do is pick a landscaper and sign a contract right? Wrong. Just like any other kind of contractor, landscapers can differ greatly in both the quality of their work and the types of services that they perform.... View Article

May 2018

Six Considerations When Incorporating a Pool into Your Backyard

Having a pool in the backyard is a dream for many homeowners, but if your house didn’t have one when you bought it then incorporating one into your existing space might seem like an overwhelming task. There is so much to consider, and you might even have a hard time imagining what a pool would actually look like when it’s installed. If you’re thinking about putting in a pool for your family, here are a... View Article

March 2018

The Importance of Pruning

With spring just around the corner, the time is now to start making plans for your property! Regardless of the vision you have, tree pruning should be one of the first tasks you undertake this spring. Envision Landscapes can help complete this task for you! Trees: So Much More than Just a Pretty Landscape! In addition to beautifying a landscape, trees play an essential role in our lives. They filter water and air, act as... View Article

February 2018

Snow Clearing & Removal Services in Hamilton

With Hamilton winters we never really know how much snow we will get or when it will come. This can make winter maintenance very tricky for homes and businesses alike. If you wake up in the morning to a surprising amount of snow, it could delay getting to work on time. Likewise, for your business, having a delay in removing snow from your parking facilities could mean customers just don’t come in that day.  Professional... View Article

January 2018