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How to Prepare for a Proper Fall Cleanup

November 2019
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As the temperature starts to drop and fall approaches, there are plenty of fall cleanup projects that you’ll want to perform at this time of year.

The cool weather is a good time to get the gardens, bushes and trees prepared for the upcoming bitter cold so that your gardens will rejuvenate when spring returns. The same holds true for your property, whether it’s aerating your lawn, cleaning windows, gutters, chimney sweeping, leaf raking or shutting down your outside water systems.


Chances are that the mulch you placed in the gardens in spring has deteriorated during the summer months, so it’s important to add a new layer of mulch in fall to protect plants and soil over the winter season. By adding additional mulch now, you keep the soil warmer, but more importantly, you maintain an even temperature throughout the soil.

Perennials & Bulbs

Fall is a great time to divide perennials. Begin this process about six weeks ahead of the ground freezing. Dividing is also good for those plants that show bare spots in the middle.

September and October are the ideal months to plant spring bulbs because the days are still clear blue, and the ground is still warm and welcoming.

Bring Outside Plants Indoors

Bringing plants inside for winter requires a few precautions to acclimatize plants of the environmental change they are about to experience. The steps for acclimatizing plants indoors for the winter transfer is not difficult as long as it is a step process to avoid shock.

Shrubs & Trees

Winter can be extremely harsh on shrubs. Snow, wind, rain and ice can wreak havoc on the delicate branches; hence, it’s wise to prune some of the smaller, weaker branches as a preventative measure.

Prune dead or overlapping branches in the late fall to strengthen the tree and encourage new growth in the spring. For tender bark of young trees, wrap them with wire mesh, tree guards or the old standby burlap covers.

Aerating Your Lawn

The best time to aerate is during the growing season in early summer or early autumn when the lawn is growing most actively. These times are best because the grass can easily heal by filling in any open areas after the plugs have been removed.


Having windows cleaned in the fall is very beneficial because leaves and debris falling from the trees cause the screens and windows to become very dirty. This grunge reduces the amount of sunlight that comes in the house to warm it during the chilling days of winter.


As the leaves start falling, your gutters should routinely be cleaned. Gutters are designed to help move water and debris away from your roof and home, but when they overflow with leaves, they get clogged and create water damage.


Cleaning your chimney each year before winter arrives is something every responsible homeowner should get done, and fall is a great time to do it.

A clean fireplace improves air quality because it prevents smoke from blowing back into the house. This ensures that your family remains safe while using the fireplace, especially during winter months, when doors and windows are shut.

Fall Cleanup

Fall is the ideal time to prepare your property and home for the upcoming winter. For many, fall is the best time of the year since the days are warm and nights cool for sleeping. By doing a thorough fall cleanup, your gardens and property will be ready for the following spring, and you will reap the rewards of your effort.