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Property Maintenance

Maximizing Your Landscape Investment

Professional landscaping can add a lot of enjoyment to your home – not to mention value! But like most things in life, your landscaping job will only last as long as it is being properly cared for. If you want to maximize your landscaping investment, it is important to follow these basic maintenance tips. Watering Making sure that new plants are properly watered is extremely important – particularly in hot weather. In the first week... View Article

February 2019

Prepping Your Evergreens for Winter

Now that we’re preparing to do battle with winter with its snow, sleet, winds and blizzard conditions, it’s time to think about preparing your evergreens for the onslaught ahead. Before the first snow hits and the ground becomes frozen, it’s important to spend a little extra time getting your evergreens ready for Mother Nature and her wrath. Watering There are some important considerations to think about while preparing coniferous evergreen trees and shrubs for winter.... View Article

November 2018

The Importance of Pruning

With spring just around the corner, the time is now to start making plans for your property! Regardless of the vision you have, tree pruning should be one of the first tasks you undertake this spring. Envision Landscapes can help complete this task for you! Trees: So Much More than Just a Pretty Landscape! In addition to beautifying a landscape, trees play an essential role in our lives. They filter water and air, act as... View Article

February 2018

Planning for Winter Maintenance Services

With the beginning of the cold weather now upon us, many of us are preparing for the season ahead. Besides getting our fall yard clean up completed and winter tires put on our vehicles, are you prepared for clearing snow and ice off your property? Start Your Winter Preparations Now! Now’s the time to ensure your snow blower is in working order, and that you are stocked up with salt. And don’t forget to dig... View Article

November 2017

How to Prepare your Property for Winter

Don’t let these warm fall temperatures fool you! Before long, the mercury is going to start to fall, and snow and ice are going to create a winter wonderland. Love it or hate it, winter is on its way, and there are certain things that you should be doing now to prepare your property for winter. To help you get ready for the change of season, we’ve put together a list of things you should... View Article

October 2017

The Importance of Fall Clean-Up

Cooler temperatures are here, kids are back to school and the leaves are changing colour…fall has arrived! Although you may think your days tending your gardens are now in the past, don’t put your gardening tools away just yet! Fall property maintenance is crucial to ensure your yard looks great next spring. Here’s how to make it happen! Avoid Lawn Damage with a Regular Leaf Removal Although the colourful fall leaves look beautiful when on... View Article

September 2017

Benefits of Aerating and Fertilizing Your Lawn

Now that the summer season is ready to burst forth, this is a great time to consider aerating and fertilizing your lawn. Basic lawn practices like fertilizing, proper mowing and watering contribute to a beautiful lawn, but aeration can be a vital element to ensure that nutrients reach the soil beneath your grass. By giving your lawn some attention in the late spring, you’ll be rewarded by with a beautiful, lush, healthy lawn in early... View Article

June 2017

Lawn Cutting Tips for a Healthy Lawn

Mowing the grass is so simple – so common – that most homeowners do it without a second thought. But like many other chores that we take for granted, good technique is important. In fact, the way in which you cut your lawn can make the difference between having a lush, green and healthy yard or one a sickly, weed-filled ragged one. So, if you are looking for ways to improve the appearance of your... View Article

September 2016