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The Importance of Fall Clean-Up

September 2017
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Cooler temperatures are here, kids are back to school and the leaves are changing colour…fall has arrived! Although you may think your days tending your gardens are now in the past, don’t put your gardening tools away just yet! Fall property maintenance is crucial to ensure your yard looks great next spring. Here’s how to make it happen!

Avoid Lawn Damage with a Regular Leaf Removal

Although the colourful fall leaves look beautiful when on the trees, they are damaging when laying on the grass. Not only does your lawn become deprived of vital oxygen when leaves start piling up, but your grass will no longer be receiving the sunlight needed. Moisture can also become trapped within the turf, creating fungus issues.

The longer leaves lay around and the more they add up, more and more damage may occur to your grass. Avoid damage from happening by raking, blowing or mowing and bagging your leaves regularly. Keep in mind that if you can’t see your lawn through the leaves, then your grass cannot grow.

Leaves: A Great Addition to Your Compost Pile!

Besides just bagging up your leaf litter and leaving it at the curb for garbage day, why not make use of it by turning it into compost?! Adding this quality, organic matter to your gardens creates fertile soil and supports microbial growth. Besides being less expensive than store-bought compost, it’s also normally of better quality!

To create your own compost, pile your leaves and let them sit for about one year. Since the bottom of the pile will decompose fastest, it will be ready to be used as mulch first.

Don’t Forget About Lawn Care!

With winter approaching, it’s easy to think lawn care season is done. However, lawns need more care in the fall to help with absorbing the nutrients, moisture and energy to prepare for a dormant winter. Taking care of your grass properly this fall will result in healthy new growth come spring!

Using a Fall Fertilizer on Your Lawn

If you choose to fertilize your lawn only once per year, fall is the best time. Besides providing necessary nutrients for the growth of deep roots in the fall, a fertilizer ensures nutrients are kept on reserve for a great beginning to the spring season, too!

Aerate Your Lawn This Fall

Fall’s cooler temperatures enable easy lawn recovery and the ability for growth, making it the ideal time to aerate your lawn.

Plan to aerate your lawn just before you lay down your fall fertilizer. This allows the fertilizer to better reach the roots of your lawn.

Leave it to the Professionals!

Completing a proper fall clean up not only takes time and energy, but it can wreak havoc on your body too! Why not leave this task to the professionals?

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