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Lawn Care

Tired of fighting with brown and dead grass? Let us take care of it for you, so it can look green and beautiful all season long.

Lawn care is defined as the necessary work required to maintain a healthy lawn. Envision Landscapes uses a variety of methods to improve the overall quality, which can help achieve a golf course-like result.

We can create tailored packages based on your property needs. For a custom quote, feel free to contact us.

Top dressing

Top dressing is often known as overseeding. Its purpose is to thicken a sparse lawn with little to no grass. A thin layer of soil is sprinkled over the lawn to create new bedding for the grass seed. After which, grass seed is liberally applied to the area to encourage new growth. The type of grass seed will vary depending on the target area and soil conditions. Watering is encouraged every day or two, according to moisture conditions, so that the grass seed can germinate as soon as possible.

Top dressing is commonly performed in the spring or fall, depending on the outside temperatures. It is recommended to match a lawn with surrounding lawn areas and to continue with slit seeding and aerating yearly afterward.

Slit Seeding

Slit seeding is the act of using a machine to insert grass seed into a lawn. The machine used for this is similar to a de-thatcher that inserts the grass seed as it goes. Slit seeding is beneficial for a lawn because the seed comes into direct contact with the soil immediately, and has a much higher germination rate if compared to top dressing. It is very effective, providing that the existing turf is in decent shape. The grass seed inserted will have fresh turf take over from old turf, and in doing so, result in a fresher lawn.

Envision Landscapes recommends slit seeding annually in conjunction with aerating. The benefit of these two processes is that they are organic lawn controls used to encourage fresh growth without harsh chemicals.



Core aeration helps the lawn turf of any property in a variety of ways. Core aeration is the process of using a machine to create holes approximately 1.5-3″ deep in the lawn. It automatically removes the plugs from the holes and leaves them on the lawn.

Yearly aerating is beneficial for lawn maintenance and helps promote quality turf as it:

  • Improves fertilizer use for turf
  • Reduces soil compaction for turf
  • Improves water drainage and uptake for turf
  • Encourages root growth to go deeper for turf
  • Enhances the ability for turf to handle hot conditions


Rolling is used to smooth frost bumps in a lawn. It is a technique commonly performed on sports fields to ensure that divots do not turn into holes that may be a liability for players on the fields. All rolling is quoted individually for every property.


Lawns need food, much like plants do. However, nutrients in the soil can often leach with rainfall and irrigation. Fertilizer is a key component to ensure turf gets the nutrients it requires to grow thick and healthy. Envision Landscapes applies a wide range of fertilizers to the turf, depending on how the lawn looks and performs. We recommend fertilizing three times during each growing season.