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Planting Techniques for Your Gardens

Like most things in life, planning is the key to success, and this holds true for your garden as well. Choosing a plant’s location, spacing, and feedings is important to the success of your gardening season. It’s also part of the enjoyment of choosing which plant or vegetable varieties you want to grow.  Any avid gardener will tell you that choosing varieties that work best for your growing conditions will produce the best yields, so... View Article

June 2020

What are the Best Privacy Trees in Ontario?

For many homeowners, the backyard is their favorite destination to enjoy a little peace, quiet and relaxation. Unfortunately, the sounds of externals noises like barking dogs, traffic and neighbours peeking into your backyard can disrupt your attempt at tranquillity and privacy. Although it can be difficult to block out the outside world entirely, there are ways to minimize the annoyances. By planting the right type of privacy trees, you can reduce noise and gain privacy... View Article

March 2019

Where Should You Buy Your Plants?

Ok, so you’ve got this picture in your head about what your landscaping project is going to look like once you’re all done. You’ve researched various plant varieties and know exactly what you want. The question now is whether you’re going to buy your plants from a big box store or from your local nursery. If you’ve already started to shop around and look at prices, you’ve probably noticed that the big chains usually offer... View Article

June 2018

The Benefits of Creating a Proper Softscape Design

Landscaping your property entails many different aspects, one of them being a softscape design. This type of landscaping involves choosing horticultural features such as flower beds, plants and waterfalls. When done correctly, a proper softscape design will improve your home’s curb appeal and add beauty to your property. Elements to Consider when Designing Softscapes Ensure that your hard-earned money is spent well by creating the perfect softscape design for your property. When planning a softscape,... View Article

May 2017