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The Benefits of Creating a Proper Softscape Design

May 2017
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Landscaping your property entails many different aspects, one of them being a softscape design. This type of landscaping involves choosing horticultural features such as flower beds, plants and waterfalls. When done correctly, a proper softscape design will improve your home’s curb appeal and add beauty to your property.

Elements to Consider when Designing Softscapes

Ensure that your hard-earned money is spent well by creating the perfect softscape design for your property. When planning a softscape, start by considering the look of your home and the surrounding neighbourhood. You want your home to look attractive and not stand out (in a bad way!) from your neighbours’ homes.

Next, consider aspects like wind and sun exposure. In a high wind area, it may be a great idea to consider installing a windbreak, which is a row of trees or shrubs planted a certain way to protect the property from wind. In addition, observing the property’s sun exposure ensures that you don’t waste investment on flowers and plants that will not thrive in certain lighting.

Considering sightlines throughout your property can be helpful when choosing what you want to see from various angles. Want a view of that beautiful flowering shrub when you’re pulling up to your driveway? If so, make sure it’s unobstructed by planting it somewhere that will be visible from the street.

Adding the Right Amount of Colour to Your Softscape Design

Adding a softscape design that involves colour is an easy way to brighten up your property. When doing so, choose colours that work well together so that your property will shine. Take some time to research various shrubs, flowers and trees as well as when they will bloom. You don’t want to choose only plants that will bloom in the spring and then be green the rest of the summer! Instead, choose a variety of horticulture to ensure something will have colour throughout the entire season.

Making the Right Softscape Choices Pays Off!

Even in today’s hot real estate market, making the proper landscaping decisions can greatly affect the value of your home. In fact, a well-designed landscaping plan can yield an average of 215% ROI.

Since softscape designs are so versatile, you can tailor the design to the amount of upkeep you will want to do. In drought-resistant areas, certain softscape designs are integrated that can use minimal water, but still add beauty to the property.

The best thing about softscape designs are that they are not permanent and can be changed or added to. This makes it easy to design your property exactly as you envision!

Let the Professionals Help!

Creating a softscape design on your property takes time, money and effort. Make sure it’s done right the first time by calling experienced professionals. Founded in 2011, Envision Landscapes has been creating beautiful properties in the Hamilton, Brantford and surrounding area. Let us do the same for your home! Give us a call today to receive a free consultation.