Landscape Design

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Many aspects must be considered and addressed when creating a design that meets your needs. Depending on your project and the scope of the work, you may simply require a landscape design; however, additional designs such as drainage plans or architectural plans may need to be completed as well. With access to trusted professionals, Envision Landscapes strives to minimize the hassle of the landscape design process and maximize the design results.

Hardscape Design

This is what we could call the preliminary or base design. A hardscape design includes your walkways, driveways, entrancespatios, pergolas, and decks. These elements are planned for first to make the most of your outdoor living area before adding additional landscape features.

Softscape Design

A softscape design brings in accent features, primarily your planting beds, with additional elements. This portion of the design is what truly sets off and beautifies your landscape project. The installation process centres on garden plantings, including many varieties of plants, trees, and shrubs, depending on your preferences. Other accents that are part of softscape design include water features and landscape lighting, just to name a few.

Design Process

The design process is not always easy as there is a broad spectrum of areas to be covered. A typical landscape design process starts with one meeting where

you share your vision with us. After that, we set up a follow-up meeting to discuss a hardscape design. With the hardscape design, we will work with you to plan the layout depending on your interests and preferences. Contact us to start the process today!