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For any property, the driveway is an area of many uses. It is is used for walking on, driving on, parking on, playing on, or looking at.  With all these uses, the driveway is one of the more important features to a house.

Envision Landscapes designs a driveway for your property that will fit your use and accommodate various other items. When you get out of a car with children and groceries, it is important to have room to move around the vehicle. To work with the landscape plan as a whole, we plan with you to meet the criteria that you would need. Driveway work may include an entire interlock drive, or perhaps using interlock to accent the asphalt/concrete. Having a beautiful driveway combined with an elegant entrance will provide lasting value to your property for a long time.

Custom Interlock Bordered DrivewayInterlock DrivewayAsphalt Driveway with Interlock Border


For any property, a properly laid out outdoor living area is key to the success of a project. When Envision Landscapes does a walkway, we begin with the design phase to ensure your walkway is optimal for your property.

Some of the attributes that we consider in a driveway or walkway are:

  • Your lifestyle as a family/couple
  • Layout of parking area(s)
  • Property characteristics ex. elevation differences
  • Functionality for accessibility in all seasons
  • Garden Plantings as accents
  • Lighting for the area
  • Unique attributes to put towards your particular property
  • Simple or complex options are available

Walkway with stone stepsSide walk with Interlock StoneStone Step Walk

Envision Landscapes can do many different possibilities for your property to make it stand out in the neighbourhood. With the ability to use many different types or combinations of stone, the possibilities are endless for your property.

Contact us for your custom property design and quote.