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Do you:

  • Like to host large parties?
  • Love unwinding in a calm and quiet spot?
  • Enjoy spending time with children and pets surrounding you?

If so, you may want to consider investing in a quality patio.

For any property, an inviting and well-planned outdoor living area is key to the success of a project. When Envision Landscapes installs a patio, we first introduce the design phase to ensure it is the perfect choice for your property and lifestyle.

Some of the factors we consider when planning a patio include:

  • Location and position (ie. adjoining a house or free-standing)
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Seating
  • Materials (ie. natural stone or concrete)
  • The need for grading due to draining issues

Each of these factors can greatly influence the end result of a patio and how it is incorporated into your landscape. There are also many different types of stone and finishes that can be used in various combinations. In addition, a patio can be accented with garden plantings and landscape lighting to truly achieve the backyard oasis you are seeking.

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Patio being constructed around an in-ground pool

Pool Coping being installed around an in-ground pool