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For all property, an inviting and well laid out outdoor living area is key to the success of a project.  When Envision Landscapes does a patio, we first plan in the design phase for  your property.

Some of the attributes that we consider in a patio are:

  • Your lifestyle as a family/couple.
  • Your accessibility for visitors.
  • Your layout of the entrance for functionality.
  • Your property characteristics.   Example; elevation differences
  • Your view of the property from the road.
  • Your Garden Plantings as accents.
  • Your Lighting for the area.
  • Unique attributes to put towards your particular property.

Envision Landscapes incorporate a wide variety of possibilities for your property to make it stand out in the neighbourhood.  With the ability to use many different types or combinations of stone, the possibilities are endless for your property.

Interlock Patio and StepInterlock Pool PatioFlagstone Patio

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