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4 Shrubs That Add Colour to Your Winter Landscape

After the bright, vibrant landscaping you’ve enjoyed during spring, summer and fall, it can be challenging to accept winter’s traditional bleakness. But no longer do you need to! With plenty of colourful shrubs available, adding some curb appeal to your winter gardens can be easily achieved. Try planting one (or more) of the following four shrubs to enjoy a colourful winter garden this season. Camellia With its glossy green leaves and vibrantly coloured flowers, the... View Article

December 2019

How to Prepare for a Proper Fall Cleanup

As the temperature starts to drop and fall approaches, there are plenty of fall cleanup projects that you’ll want to perform at this time of year. The cool weather is a good time to get the gardens, bushes and trees prepared for the upcoming bitter cold so that your gardens will rejuvenate when spring returns. The same holds true for your property, whether it’s aerating your lawn, cleaning windows, gutters, chimney sweeping, leaf raking or... View Article

November 2019

Five of the Most Popular Mosquito-Repelling Plants

Just like so many other summer evenings, you’re having a great time outside until, once again, some uninvited guests arrive: mosquitos. From their constant buzzing to annoying bites, these pesky creatures are enough to soon drive you back inside your home. But instead of simply giving up, why not fight back? By placing the right plants and herbs throughout your property, you may never have to worry about mosquitos again! Here are five of the... View Article

August 2019