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Choosing the Best Pool House Design for Your Backyard Oasis

January 2020
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Your pool may be closed for the season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan for next season! Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing pool house or to install one for your new pool, check out some of the following ideas for inspiration.

Are you tired of a trail of wet footprints throughout your home? Want a convenient area to store towels, pool equipment and chemicals? Pool houses and cabanas, located near a backyard pool, provide all of those conveniences and more!

Depending on the pool house design chosen, additional amenities such as a washroom, kitchenette, stackable washer and dryer, covered patio and outdoor kitchen are available. The addition of an outdoor shower can provide an area for rinsing off and an equipment storage area can reduce noise around the pool.

Do Your Research

As a complement to your property, choose a pool house design that shares some common themes with your main house. Having an architectural relationship between the two is important – such as sharing similar exterior colours and materials.

Now think about the best location for your pool house. To capitalize on the enjoyment of the space, orient the pool house in a way that maximizes sunlight or takes advantage of natural shade in your backyard. Check with your local municipality in regards to the legalities of installing an additional structure on your property.

Consider what you want in a pool house. Do you need extra room in the summer for overnight guests? If so, you may want to consider adding a bedroom. Finding storage an issue? Keep practicality in mind with a design that features extra cubbies, hooks and other storage solutions.

Consider the Logistics

You’re trying to minimize the number of trips needed to your main house, so include everything in your pool house design that will make this happen. Including a tidy area with stacked towels and a concealed laundry bin can minimize the mess associated with piles of wet towels. Glass, bi-fold doors can separate necessary spaces without creating a feeling of being closed in.

Keep in mind what you’re using your pool house for when shopping for finishes. Everything from flooring to decking should be waterproof and able to tolerate wet feet, clothing and pets. Porcelain tile with some texture is a great, indestructible flooring solution that provides ample traction against slipping. Because of the cold weather we get here in Hamilton, choose finishes that will stand the extreme temperature changes.

Have Fun

A pool house is there to be enjoyed, so choose furnishings that are interesting and fun. Adding a television is a great way to keep guests entertained in-between dips in the pool!

Feel free to incorporate modern seating with iconic pieces and add your special touch to the décor. If desired, choose a theme that resonates well with the space and your personality such as modern, vacation vibes or coastal.

To integrate a theme, select classic furniture before purchasing throws, lighting and tabletop décor in your chosen colours.

Now’s a great time to get your pool house plans in order for next season! If you’re located in Hamilton or the surrounding area, contact our office to arrange for a consultation.