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Phasing a Landscaping Project: Dos and Don’ts

If you’d like your yard to look like something that belongs in a magazine, but don’t necessarily have the budget to do it all at one time, there is another option – keep your dream vision but consider phasing your landscaping project over time. The following Dos and Don’ts will help you phase your project. DO: Plan your whole project If you’re doing your landscaping project in phases that’s completely fine – it doesn’t have... View Article

May 2019

Considerations for Designing the Ideal Outdoor Kitchen

Has the warmer weather got you thinking about warm summer nights and entertaining friends and family on the back deck or patio? Have you been king or queen of the barbeque for years, and now you’re ready to step things up to the next level. Perhaps this is the year that you finally install that outdoor kitchen that you’ve been dreaming of? But where to start? Outdoor stoves, smokers and pizza ovens are a big... View Article

April 2019

What are the Best Privacy Trees in Ontario?

For many homeowners, the backyard is their favorite destination to enjoy a little peace, quiet and relaxation. Unfortunately, the sounds of externals noises like barking dogs, traffic and neighbours peeking into your backyard can disrupt your attempt at tranquillity and privacy. Although it can be difficult to block out the outside world entirely, there are ways to minimize the annoyances. By planting the right type of privacy trees, you can reduce noise and gain privacy... View Article

March 2019

Maximizing Your Landscape Investment

Professional landscaping can add a lot of enjoyment to your home – not to mention value! But like most things in life, your landscaping job will only last as long as it is being properly cared for. If you want to maximize your landscaping investment, it is important to follow these basic maintenance tips. Watering Making sure that new plants are properly watered is extremely important – particularly in hot weather. In the first week... View Article

February 2019

Why It’s Important to Keep Your Landscaping Project Within Your Budget

When you begin a landscaping project, you will quickly find that you are faced with countless options of beautiful, magazine-worthy features that you can incorporate into your design. And if you are not careful, that budget that you had originally set for yourself can quickly evaporate. But you don’t have to break the bank to have a beautiful yard or garden. We strongly urge our customers to keep their project within their budget. In some... View Article

January 2019

Incorporating Colour into Your Landscape Design

Just because there is still snow on the ground, it doesn’t mean that it is too early to start thinking about next season’s landscape design. And when the ground is white, and the sky is grey there is no better time to start thinking about all the vibrant colours that you are going to incorporate into your design. So how exactly will you incorporate colour? Here are a few tips to help make your backyard... View Article

December 2018

Prepping Your Evergreens for Winter

Now that we’re preparing to do battle with winter with its snow, sleet, winds and blizzard conditions, it’s time to think about preparing your evergreens for the onslaught ahead. Before the first snow hits and the ground becomes frozen, it’s important to spend a little extra time getting your evergreens ready for Mother Nature and her wrath. Watering There are some important considerations to think about while preparing coniferous evergreen trees and shrubs for winter.... View Article

November 2018

Why You Need to Have an Outdoor Fireplace

For many homeowners, an outdoor fireplace is a great addition to any backyard. It is a welcoming focal point for your home, family and guests. Having an outdoor fireplace is one of the latest popular trends for home renovations that combine comfort and warmth outside throughout the various seasons. With an outdoor fireplace, you can enjoy the lit skies of summer or the beauty of winter in your backyard nestled by the heat of your... View Article

October 2018

To Our Valued Customer: Possible Road Salt Shortages Notice

Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association and our salt suppliers have informed us that there may be serious salt inventory shortages this year. Salt suppliers are predicting that the inventory shortage may last beyond 2019 depending on weather, production capacity at the mines and overseas import activity. The reasons for this inventory shortage include: An Ice storm just before spring 2018 depleted inventory The Compass Minerals mine in Goderich (the world’s largest salt supplier) experienced an... View Article

September 2018

How to Use Interlocking Stone to Accent Your Property

So, you are using interlocking stone in your landscape? That’s great! Not only does interlocking stone (also known as interlocking pavers) add a degree of sophistication to your home, but it can be done with any budget in mind. The best part? Accenting your property with interlocking stone can be accomplished in various ways. Here’s how! Visualize a Pathway or area Usually, there are different areas within your project such as a deck/patio, barbecue area... View Article

September 2018