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Planning for Your Landscape for Next Year

December 2017
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Now that the weather has turned cold and you’re busy making plans for the holidays, you’re probably not thinking too much about that patio you want to install next year or about where you’ll put that Zen garden you’ve always wanted – but you should. Now is actually the perfect time to start planning for next year’s landscaping.

If you’re wondering why you should begin planning in the off-season, here are three good reasons:

  1. It will be easier to find a contractor

If you wait until spring or summer, to start the search for a landscaping contractor, chances are you’ll be met with frustration. The reason for this is that this is the time when everyone else is making landscaping plans too.

And should you be fortunate enough to find a good contractor during peak season, you likely won’t have many booking options. There is a good chance that it will be close to the end of the season before a work crew even arrives at your home. By getting a contract with a landscaping company before the season begins, you’ll be able to have the work done sooner which means you’ll have longer to enjoy your new landscape design.

  1. You’ve got lots of time to plan

Choosing a landscaping design can be a big decision. There are countless variations and ways to set up your outdoor living space and unless your backyard and budget are both huge, you’re going to have to make decisions about what to include and what not to include.

By beginning the planning process in the winter, you’ll have lots of time to look at design layouts, features and materials. More time equals less pressure. By starting early, you won’t feel rushed into making a decision. You can take the time you need to choose a design that works for your home and suits your needs.

Having more time to decide also means having more time to budget. If you decide on a feature that is a bit more expensive than you originally thought, you will have more time to save up for what you really want instead of settling for something less.

  1. Spring projects are already being booked!

Believe it or not, your neighbours are already thinking about their landscape plans for next year too! And they are booking contractors now for spring.

By scheduling your 2018 landscaping project now, it means the work can be done in the spring. That means, by summer you and your family could be enjoying your new pool or lounging on your new patio and hosting the greatest barbeque parties on the block!

On the other hand, if you wait until spring to book your project, chances are it will take longer to start the project than you would like – and once the warmer weather hits, you want to be able to enjoy the swimming pool and patio, not waiting for it to be completed.

Planning your landscape in the off season is a smart strategy. If you want the luxury of having your choice of contractor, having ample time to plan and an early booking next spring, then it really does make sense to start planning next year’s landscaping today. So what are you waiting for, beat the spring rush and give us a call at Envision Landscapes.