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How to Enjoy Your Yard with a Pond or Water Feature

July 2019
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Dentists that have aquariums in their lobbies, spas that play waterfall music in the background and yoga classes that use water-based soundtracks have all realized the calming effects that the sound of water brings to an environment.

Why not enjoy the sense of relaxation and serenity created by a water feature at your own home? Check out some of our most popular requests below when it comes to backyard water feature installations.

Koi Pond

As the ultimate water feature installation, a koi pond includes a beautiful pond filled with attractive koi fish. Choose from a wide variety of pond plants to adorn your space and enjoy the new variety of feathered friends that will visit!

With many different options available, it’s easy to find a suitable koi pond to match your needs. Unlike an indoor aquarium, a self-sustaining and low-maintenance koi pond can provide you with lots of enjoyment without a lot of work!

Ponds and Waterfalls

You can create a beautiful, private water oasis without getting fish! Choose from a variety of pond sizes to fit the perfect location in your backyard. Enjoy the benefits that ponds offer including more wildlife and a glistening effect.

Take your beautiful pond one step further by adding a natural looking waterfall rushing down to its edge. With the help of multispeed pumps and timers, the water flow can be adjusted to remain energy efficient.

Pondless Waterfall

For customers who want the sound of flowing water without the maintenance of a pond, a pondless waterfall may be the answer!This type of water feature showcases a beautiful waterfall atop an underground reservoir that contains excess water, a pump and plumbing. Winterizing and reinstalling the system in the spring is easy.

Bubbling Rock

If space (or budget) is limited for a full-scale waterfall, a bubbling rock is a great compromise.

Choose from various aesthetically appealing rocks that feature a hole spewing water from the top. In no time at all, birds, butterflies and insects will be attracted to your bubbling rock to enjoy a refreshing drink.

Fire Fountain

A fire fountain combines flickering fire and flowing water to create a spectacular elegance. As one of the more popular water features as of late, fire fountains have a flame that burns brightly in the middle of the bowl. Easy to set up, they are available in various sizes to suit your particular style and space.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing the best water feature for your backyard, your creativity is truly the only limit! Let us work with your budget to find a natural-looking water feature that will blend seamlessly into your property.

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