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How to Use Interlocking Stone to Accent Your Property

September 2018
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So, you are using interlocking stone in your landscape? That’s great!

Not only does interlocking stone (also known as interlocking pavers) add a degree of sophistication to your home, but it can be done with any budget in mind.

The best part? Accenting your property with interlocking stone can be accomplished in various ways. Here’s how!

Visualize a Pathway or area

Usually, there are different areas within your project such as a deck/patio, barbecue area and pool. Sometimes, it can be challenging to make the property seamlessly flow from one area to the next.

In these circumstances, interlocking pavers can be used on walkways or paths to create a cohesive, structured look around your property.

This can be done by either a different size, colour, or texture stone.  With the stone differentiation, you can create a border, or show where your different areas are.

Creating the visual interest as you form your different areas is huge for creating your visual perspective on the whole project.

Add a Splash of Colour

Interlocking stone is available in a wide variety of colours, providing endless opportunity to create a unique look for your property.

Everyone’s property has different features that create the colours in the yard.  When choosing your interlocking stone, you need to decide between contrasting or complimenting stone. You also want to be careful that you don’t end up with a monochromatic colour palette.

Colour Selection

Interlocking stone is available in a variety of colours and blends. The colours can be categorized into a solid colour, a two colour mix and a three colour mix. Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages to be aware of in the planning stage.

When you choose a solid colour, it can be a challenge to blend with other stones or add in additional phases later if you don’t absolutely love the colour. If you have a lot of other features in the landscape design, a solid colour stone may be an excellent way to go.

Using a two colour mix makes it easier to match and blend different features of the landscape. Many manufacturers offer 2 colour blend options as they also help maintain a balanced look.

A three colour mix allows lots of options to mix and match. You do need to be careful that the rest of the landscape features blend in nicely. Having three colours can also limit what border stone you use, as sometimes they will look “too” similar, and you would be limited to doing a contrasting stone such as black.

Create a Unique Design

By combining many different shapes, textures and colours afforded with interlocking stone, it’s easy to create the perfect design for your property! Plus, focal points can easily be created by effectively incorporating different designs.

Incorporating a design can create visual interest in the middle of a patio, or radically change the look of your patio.  Not to be confused with borders, the design could be a medallion cut into the center or a totally different laying pattern to the rest of the patio (45 degrees).

Add Texture to Your Landscape Design

Factors ranging from the aesthetic of your hardscape to the architectural style of your home play a part in determining the texture of your paver.

Sleek, smooth pavers help create a look of modern elegance whereas antique finishes are great looks for traditional architecture. Some pavers are available to look like brick surfaces and emulate the classic suburban look.

Combining different textures can change your look entirely to ensure a well laid out landscape.

The end goal when selecting the best texture for your property’s interlocking stone? Choose an interlocking stone with a texture that will complement the rest of your hardscape design. Achieve this by either matching the texture or creating a complete contrast between smooth and coarse.

The options are truly endless when it comes to creating accents with interlocking stone! Ask us today on how best to incorporate interlocking stone into your property’s design.