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Showcase Your Property with LED Landscape Lighting

July 2018
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So, you’ve spent a lot of time, money and sweat working hard on your property’s landscaping. What better way to show it off than with some great LED landscape lighting?

Installing LED landscape lighting can make a dramatic improvement to your outdoor landscaping. By positioning lights properly around your yard, you’re able to showcase your favourite plants all day and night. Enjoy coming home to a beautifully lit yard every evening!

Light Up Your Yard – and Help the Environment – with LED Landscape Lighting!

LED landscape lighting is one of the most popular lighting choices in landscape lighting and for good reason!

Since LED lighting consumes less power (and requires five times less replacements) than traditional lighting, you save more on your energy bills. LED lighting emits less carbon dioxide, creating a lower carbon footprint too.

Many Benefits of LED Landscape Lighting

By coming in a wide variety of fixture options, LED lighting provides a convenient way to accent your yard at night. A variety of benefits can be gained from installing LED lighting, including:

  1. Extending Your Time Outdoors: Landscape lighting greatly adds to your property’s living space. Your days outdoors are extended since you no longer need to rely on sunlight for lighting.
  2. Making Your Home Worth More Money: Other than adding beauty to your property, landscape lighting increases your home’s value. Plus, your property’s curb appeal increases at night since certain architectural features can be enhanced.
  3. Increasing Your Home’s Security: Possibly the most beneficial effect of landscape lighting is the increase in home security that it provides. Well-lit exteriors decrease the chance of vandalism or a burglary from occurring.

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How to Choose the Best LED Landscape Lighting for Your Home

Once you’re ready to integrate some LED landscape lighting into your property, follow the steps below:

  1. Decide Why: Before investing in any landscape lighting, it’s important to define what your end goal is for the lighting. Whether it’s to illuminate a certain area for security reasons or to simply add a sense of drama to your landscaping, realizing what the purpose is can help with the rest of the planning process.
  2. Make a Plan: Draw a sketch of your yard and include any existing lights as well as buildings, vegetation and garden decorations. Include height estimates of these objects. All of this information is helpful when determining whether you want lighting that reflects or absorbs onto these objects.
  3. Choose Lighting Locations: Next, find areas on your property that match your goal of installing landscape lighting.
  4. Determine Your Budget: Determining your budget will determine how much LED lighting you can install and what fixtures will best meet your needs.
  5. Consult a Landscape Lighting Professional: With years of experience, a landscape lighting professional can work with you on highlighting natural areas, while adding safety and security to your property. Bring your plan and budget to Envision Landscapes and we can help you create a unique landscape LED lighting design for your property.

Ensure Your Landscape Lighting is the Best!

Envision Landscapes is your best choice when it comes to your landscape lighting needs in Hamilton, Oakville, Brantford and surrounding area.

Whatever landscape lighting project you have in mind, we have experience designing a suitable LED lighting system! Contact us today for a quote for your lighting needs.