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Hiring the Right Landscape Contractor

April 2017
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Now is the time many of us are escaping the drudgery of winter by starting to plan spring landscaping projects. A lot of time, effort and expense is put into making our properties look exactly as we envision. However, help is available by choosing the right landscape contractor! Here’s how to choose the best contractor to make your property vision a reality.

Clarify Your Vision

Before even meeting with potential landscape contractors, spend some time thinking about what you value. For example, do you like high-end designs and chic materials? Or, are you more interested in creating a playful space to be used by your family? Deciding on what you want first will help you choose a contractor who shares a similar philosophy.

Set Up an Initial Consult

Most contractors will come out to your property to meet you, review your goals and check out your property at no charge. Pay attention to how well you communicate with this person. You will want a contractor that is not only professional, but that is someone you can trust and depend on to execute your project as you want.

The Important Questions to Ask

To truly determine if a landscape contractor is right for you, ask them certain questions, such as:

Have you worked on a project like this before?  Look for project samples that are similar to yours.

How do you charge your fees?  There are different methods of charging customers, including hourly, lump sum or as a percentage of the construction costs.

Do you have references?  Calling references can help you determine if the contractor was punctual, professional and has a good reputation for quality work.

What do you see as the biggest opportunity and/or challenge for my project?  Not only a great way to see how the landscaper processes design problems, but it’s also a way to understand their initial reaction to your property.

Ask to see a portfolio.  Talking about previous work the contractor has completed is a great way to understand how they will work on your design. You’ll want someone who is creative and imaginative, with great ideas for your property.

Discuss budget.  Talking about your budget is one of the most important parts of the discussion. Prioritizing the most important project elements that you want to be completed can help the landscaper determine if your ideas are feasible with your budget.

Discuss the payment method.  Find out about the depth of work involved to achieve your desired results, as well as the project timeline. Ask about receiving a project proposal to clearly see what’s included and what’s not. You may be expected to pay a deposit before the work begins and then the final payment near the end, or after the project’s completion. Before paying that final payment, check the project proposal to ensure that everything has been completed that was promised.

We’re Here to Help!

As a family-run company, Envision Landscapes can make your landscape dreams come true! Contact us today to learn more about what we offer.