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The Keys to Having a Great Contractor Experience

August 2016
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Whether it is for regular upkeep and maintenance or a large home improvement or landscaping project, just about everyone will deal with a contractor at some point. And that experience can either be good, bad or somewhere in between. Provided that you’ve hired a reputable company, that experience is often based on perception. The following are a few tips to help you have the best contractor experience possible.

Know what you want before the job begins

Having a vision for your project is one of the keys to being satisfied with the final result. If you know what you want, discuss it with your contractor before the job begins. If you are unsure, a good contractor will be able to provide some ideas – but be sure to make the major decisions ahead of time.

Changing your mind once the project is underway can add a lot of expense, added time and headache!

Make allowances for schedule changes

One of the toughest parts of coordinating a large project is scheduling. Materials believed to be in-stock could turn out to be on back order, weather may be unfavourable or subcontractors may have scheduling conflicts. Even as the homeowner, there may be an unforeseen circumstance that might cause you to need to reschedule something.

It is important for both parties to understand that these things happen and that the best way to avoid unnecessary frustration is to be upfront about any of these issues as they arise.

Keep your expectations on timing realistic

During any major landscaping project, it is possible for changes in the scope of the project to slow things down. Unforeseen challenges may have to be addressed before a project can get back on track.

It is also important to remember, that different phases of a project get completed more quickly (or slowly) than others. Some days, you might see big change over the previous day – and other days less so.

Some days it may appear as if very little has been done, when in fact there was a lot of work done in preparation for the showier cosmetic changes.

Communication is key

One of the best ways to ensure that you have a great experience with your contractor is to keep up regular communication. Touching base with your contractor on a regular basis will help to ensure that you are informed on the progress, and are aware of any problems or scheduling changes. It is also a great chance for you to let your contractor know whether or not he is meeting your expectations. Dealing with small issues before they become big ones will help keep everyone happier.

Hiring a contractor is a great way to make improvements to your home and gain more pride and satisfaction as a homeowner but the process of getting any large project completed can often be long and sometimes frustrating. If you keep the above tips in mind, you’ll be able to have a much better experience with your contractor and enjoy your finished project all the more.