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Design, Residential Construction

Simple, Inviting Front Entrance

Design, Residential Construction
Patio, Walkway, Garden Beds, Plantings, Interlock Bordered Driveway, Front Entrance, Steps
Project Detail

What Envision Provided

From builder-grade to beautiful, this front entrance was redone to become both formal and inviting.


Our client on the Hamilton mountain was looking to create an entrance that suited their new home. To accomplish this, we built a new interlock path and poured new concrete steps. In addition, we replaced the gravel driveway with a paved driveway, surrounded by a matching interlock border. Finally, we constructed a backyard patio and planted low maintenance plants to both the front and back yard. This project consisted of transforming the builder-grade front entrance to a beautiful, formal and more inviting one, while providing a functional space for the client to enjoy in the privacy of their backyard at the same time. Everyone was quite happy with the results.

Project Materials

Products Used

Patio/Driveway Border

  • Mondrian 80 in Range Amboise Beige by Permacon

Cap Stone

  • Lafitt Tandem in Range Amboise Beige by Permacon