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Residential Construction

Backyard Oasis

Hamilton, Ontario
Residential Construction
Interlock, Lighting, Patio, Retaining Wall, Water Feature, Walkway, Garden Beds, Pool Coping, Natural Stone, Steps
Project Detail

What Envision Provided

This client recruited the help of Envision Landscapes to execute a partially completed backyard oasis project.


The design they provided included an in-ground pool surrounded by a large expansive patio. Once the pool was installed, our team worked hard to complete both the natural and pre-cast stone areas. After that, armour stone was used to elevate the yard, fixing a substantial grade change. Natural stone steps lead to a previously completed firepit area at the base of the backyard.

To match the existing fire feature, Envision Landscapes installed an accent wall and stone coping surrounding the pool. In addition, our team installed two separate sets of steps. One with a landing against the house. The other next to the large patio area.

Upon completion of the hardscape, Envision supplied the client with large plants to add some greenery. They have been highlighted by a simple and elegant lighting system. As a result, the backyard oasis is now complete and ready for dining, entertainment, and enjoyment at all hours.

Project Transformation

Before / After

Project Materials

Products Used

Sheer Descent water-feature wall

  • Owen Sound Grey/Brown Building Stone by Natural Stone

Pool and Wall Coping

  • Owen Sound Coping by Natural Stone

Natural Stone Steps

  • Natural Buff Guilotine Steps by Natural Stone

Steps and Landing

  • Raffinato Smooth in Beige Cream by Techo-Bloc

Interlock Patio and Walkway

  • Blu Smooth in Beige Cream by Techo-Bloc