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Design, Residential Construction

Poolside Patio

Design, Residential Construction
Patio, Water Feature, Plantings, Fire Feature
Project Detail

What Envision Provided

Outdoor Entertaining


The client had the vision to create an outdoor space suitable for lots of entertaining and moments spent with their family. What started as a backyard consisting of all grass and flowerbeds, turned into a beautiful, functional and fun place to hang out.

At the time of our initial meeting, a pool was being installed. Envision Landscapes’ role included installing lots of interlocking stone around the pool. We also helped create a large patio space for grandchildren and their parents to sit or play. Finally, a water feature was installed on the side of the pool for added aesthetic.

It was a large project, having started practically with a blank canvas, but the end result was a beautiful family-friendly backyad oasis.

Project Materials

Products Used

Pool Surround

  • Blu-60 in Sandlewood by Techo-Bloc

Fire Feature

  • Mini-Creta in Sandlewood by Techo-Bloc

Garden Edging

  • Pietra in Sandlewood by Techo-Bloc