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Residential Construction

Backyard Retreat

Residential Construction
Patio, Water Feature, Walkway, Garden Beds, Pool Coping, Plantings, Natural Stone, Trench Drain
Project Detail

What Envision Provided

Cottage life in the city


This Ancaster client has a beautiful bungalow in a mature area of town. Their spacious backyard opens to a ravine and extends into the forest. They bought the house several years ago with the intent of creating a backyard retreat suited to their lifestyle.

When they originally bought the house, it came with a pool in the backyard. This pool was rehabilitated and became the focal point. When they felt the need to further the development of their backyard retreat, they turned to Envision Landscapes to see what could be done. “This is our cottage in the city!” they said to us. And so it became.

A slab paver from Techobloc was used to create the exact colour in the patio they were looking for. Along the edges of the pool, black granite in 4′ lengths was used to create the stone distinction the client specified. The combination of colors and stone types creates a unique look suited to the property.

With a small edge around the existing pool, there was no room for pool chairs. To remedy this, a patio and row of lounge chairs were set along the backside of the pool. This provides enough space for numerous guests to relax and soak up the sun at the same time. The patio extends to a larger area suitable for entertaining.

When the request for a diving board occurred, a Wier Waterfall system was installed with a pump. The illuminated waterfall flows into the pool and the granite top doubles as a diving platform. The accents built into this pool area make it a true backyard retreat.

A pool house was also added to complete their outdoor entertaining area.

Project Materials

Products Used


  • Blu 60 Slate in Champlain Grey by Techo-Bloc

Pool Coping

  • Natural Granite in Black

Stone Steps

  • Röcka in Riviera by Techo-Bloc

Water Feature Wall

  • Brussels in Sierra by Unilock