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Residential Construction

Natural Stone Backyard Oasis

Residential Construction
Patio, Driveway, Walkway, Garden Beds, Plantings, Natural Stone, Flagstone
Project Detail

What Envision Provided

Urban Hardscaping Project


This backyard oasis was designed by the client and brought to reality with help from Envision Landscapes. It was completed at the same time as the front of the property to ensure a complementary front and rear yard. The property is an old cottage style home located in the Durand neighbourhood of Hamilton.

The project consisted of several aspects. First, all old debris had to be removed from the backyard. Once this was complete, Envision Landscapes installed a natural flagstone patio, black replica, and cobblestone pavers. Our team defined each garden bed edge with natural ledge rock and completed softscaping to accent the property.

At a similar time, the client painted the backyard fences and had woodworking completed to create her personal backyard oasis.

Project Materials

Products Used

Driveway and Front Walkway

  • Villagio in Onyx Black by Techo-Bloc


  • Flagstone

Garden Edging

  • Röcka in Rock Garden Brown by Techo-Bloc