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Interlocking Stone Patio

Design, Residential Construction
Patio, Garden Beds, Plantings, Fence
Project Detail

What Envision Provided

Semi-Private Backyard


The client is a senior who lives in the retirement community of Garth Trails in Hamilton. He had a basic ‘builder style’ backyard with patio slabs that he wanted to make his own. With a plan from Envision Landscapes, his idea of a backyard with more privacy became a reality.

Our team excavated a lot of clay to create a solid base for the interlocking stone patio. Once the patio was in place, the garden beds were planted, creating a maintenance-free yard of perennials and shrubs. To finish the project, two small fence panels were added to the sides of the yard. This provided more privacy than previously allowed.

The backyard is now a fully planted yard that has matured. It creates the serenity that was intended and there is plenty of room for hosting guests without being cramped onto a small patio slab.

Project Materials

Products Used


  • Trafalgar Pavers 60 in Range Amboise Beige by Permacon

Patio Steps

  • Natural Stone Steps by Banas