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Interlocking Stone Driveway

Residential Construction
Interlock, Driveway
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Random Laying Pattern Interlocking Stone Driveway


The client in the Rosedale neighbourhood of Hamilton has a beautiful 1.5-acre property that they absolutely love. They have lived here for many years, but the entire landscape was completed approximately 20 years earlier. When the time came to decide what to do about the aging and sinking interlocking stone driveway, they sought Envision Landscape’s assistance.

With a solid base under the old interlock, we discussed the budget and provided various options for fixing the driveway. The client went with the money-wise decision of installing a new stone over the old base. They chose Ridgefield Plus by Oaks stone, which helped to make the property look fresher and up to date. A year after installation, the stone was sealed by Envision Landscapes to maintain a wet look.

This project is a prime example of how Envision Landscapes works well with clients. We create a landscape design that suits you, dramatically changing the look of your property, ensuring optimal functionality, while working with the budget provided.

Project Materials

Products Used


  • Ridgefield Plus in Cedar Blend by Oaks