Date: July 2013
Cat: Landscape Construction

Hamilton Front Entrance

Durand Area Front Landscaping

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Project Detail

The clients owned their home in the Durand area of Hamilton. Their front steps had become quite a hazard to people who came up the stairs on a regular basis. The steps had concrete underneath with deteriorating clay bricks on top.

Envision Landscapes suggested inserting Unilock stone with an accent stone for the front entrance. The stone was chosen to fit with the existing style of the house. Along the left side of the property, a walkway was completed to connect the existing asphalt that ran along the side of the property. The drainage problem in the front corner of the house was addressed at the same time. A railing was added in along the right side of the front steps to improve accessibility. This also minimized liabilities that existed in the old landscape. The plant material grew in around the hardscape elements of the project. The result was a beautiful fresh look for this century home in Hamilton.

The clients contacted us again with a vision for the backyard as well. They had inherited an old rundown wooden deck and planter bed. The deck was very unsafe, they were unable to walk across it to their back driveway that we previously updated with asphalt bordered by interlock, and it left no place for their daughter to play. Envision Landscapes updated the entire backyard area, removing the deck and planter beds. We installed a stone patio, featuring three different types of stone, with a pergola over the seating area. A new fence was installed, and some small, low maintenance beds. The new look promotes functionality and outdoor living. It was quite the transformation!