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Design, Residential Construction

Formal Front Entrance That Fits

Design, Residential Construction
Interlock, Lighting, Patio, Retaining Wall, Walkway, Garden Beds, Armour stone, Plantings, Front Entrance, Steps
Project Detail

What Envision Provided

Simple lines, ambient lighting, and perfectly-matched interlock complete the look of this new Ancaster home.


Our client was looking to create a formal front entrance with simple lines that would complement their new home. To accomplish their vision, Envision Landscapes carefully chose interlock that perfectly matched the brick and installed it around the driveway, up the walkway, and as a border along the already existing garden beds. We installed ambient outdoor lighting, planted a simple selection of plants along the walkway, and formalized other areas of the property by planting maple trees along the side of the house, as well as shrubs and perennials in the backyard. We also constructed a backyard patio using the same interlock as in the front.

Envision Landscapes now provides ongoing maintenance for this property.

Project Materials

Products Used

Driveway Border/Landing/Porch

  • Mondrian in Range Amboise Beige by Permacon

Retaining Wall

  • Lafitt Tandem Wall in Range Amboise Beige by Permacon

Wall Cap/Steps

  • Lafitt Tandem Capping Module in Range Amboise Beige by Permacon

Front Bed/Wall Lights/Garden Lights

  • LED Accent Lights by Kichler

Back Patio

  • Mondrian in Range Amboise Beige by Permacon

Front & Rear Beds

  • Natural Pine Mulch


In the words of our client

Words or photos cannot do justice to the quality of landscaping Envision Landscapes provided for us this summer.

Our lot, having unusual dimensions, presented several challenges that needed a variety of design features in order for every landscape aspect/feature to flow perfectly from the front of the house to the back.

We envisioned what aspects/features would give us the maximum "curb appeal" and Matt from Envision Landscapes designed a plan to meet our needs exactly, including lighting and water irrigation.

Given the size of our financial investment, we naturally had to trust that Envision Landscapes would provide top quality workmanship in order meet our demands. And they did that 100%.

Anyone interested in top quality landscaping, we highly recommend ENVISION LANDSCAPES.