Date: February 2018
Cat: Landscape Construction

Formal Front Entrance that Fits

Simple lines, ambient lighting, and perfectly-matched interlock complete the look of this new Ancaster home.

Main Content
  • colourful chairs on patio

Project Detail

Our client was looking to create a formal front entrance that would complement their new home. To accomplish their vision, we

  • carefully chose interlock that perfectly matched their brick and installed it around the driveway, up the walkway, and as a border on the beds
  • installed ambient outdoor lighting
  • planted a simple selection of plants along the walkway
  • formalized other areas of the property by planting maple trees along the side of the house as well as shrubs and perennials in the backyard
  • constructed a backyard patio using the same interlock as in the front

Envision now provides the ongoing maintenance for this property.