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Design, Residential Construction

Custom Deck and Interlock Patio

Design, Residential Construction
Patio, Walkway, Plantings, Natural Stone, Deck, Steps
Project Detail

What Envision Provided

Natural Stone Steps and Custom Deck


Envision Landscapes first worked with this client to create a new front entrance. They required some waterproofing and took the opportunity to update the area with a fresh look. Our team installed a natural stone step from the back door, with a curving interlock walkway leading to a lower patio. We also built a custom deck separating the two spaces. When the project was completed, the result was a brand new look for the house with a nice sitting area for family time. The client was happy with the outcome and loved the depth and dimension that it added to the property.

Project Materials

Products Used


  • Ridgefield Plus in Executive by Oaks


  • Rialto in Marble Grey by Oaks