Date: March 2015
Cat: Landscape Construction

Bordered Interlock Driveway

Driveway Renovation

Main Content
  • Interlock Front Walk

  • Interlock Bordered Driveway

  • Interlock Side Walkway

Project Detail

The Dundas clients love a clean image at their home. When their existing asphalt driveway started to crack substantially, they decided to contact Envision Landscapes to see what could be done for their property.

The plan was fairly simple. A new interlocking stone walkway to the front door was in order, as the old one had sunk away slightly. The side walkway was re-done up to the gate to create a stable walking surface while addressing the drainage problem on the front corner of the garage. An interlocking stone border was installed along the driveway to add beauty with a simple design to the property. The existing driveway was removed, and after the interlock installation, a fresh pave from Burlington Paving in Aldershot was completed in a timely fashion. All came together to keep the project on budget, on track and on time for the clients.