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Design, Residential Construction

Bordered Interlock Driveway

Design, Residential Construction
Walkway, Interlock Bordered Driveway
Project Detail

What Envision Provided

Driveway Renovation


Our Dundas client loves a clean image for their home. When their existing asphalt driveway started to crack substantially, they contacted Envision Landscapes.

The plan was fairly simple. A new interlocking stone walkway to the front door was in order, as the old one had sunk slightly. The side walkway was re-installed up to the gate to create a stable walking surface while addressing a drainage problem near the front corner of the garage. An interlocking stone border was installed along the driveway to add beauty with a simple design to the property. The existing driveway was removed, and after the interlock installation, a fresh pave from Burlington Paving in Aldershot was completed in a timely fashion. Everything came together to keep the project on budget, on track and on time for the homeowners.

Project Materials

Products Used

Walkway/Driveway Border

  • Trafalgar Pavers 60 in Range Norvik Grey by Permacon

Side Walkway Step

  • Natural Stone Step in Black