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Design, Residential Construction

Armour Stone Lined Steps

Design, Residential Construction
Retaining Wall, Garden Beds, Armour stone
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What Envision Provided

Armour stone lined steps to the backyard


This Caledonia client had their home custom built approximately 25 years ago. They have been constantly updating the home and property over the years, with a plan to reside in it for many more years to come.

When the existing stairs leading up to the backyard started to crumble, they turned to Envision Landscapes for advice, inspiration, and expertise.

Envision Landscapes removed a portion of the old concrete wall and excavated the hill. This created a three-dimensional view and layout, suiting the property quite nicely. For long-term durability, a solid base with proper drainage was installed. A large quantity of armour stone was then hauled in and set into place.

The steps were created by the client’s family member with expertise in concrete. With the softscape plantings installed, this project really achieves the beautiful entrance to the backyard that was desired.

Project Materials

Products Used

Retaining Wall

  • Armour stone in Orillia