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Mulch is a layer of material that can be applied to the surface of the soil to improve its overall health and productivity. In addition, it enhances the beauty of your property when meticulously manicured and professionally completed. Mulching is often used when creating a garden planting bed, or a landscape construction project.

Benefits of mulch:

  • Reduces weed growth
  • Reduces need to water
  • Improves water retention for plants and soil
  • Promotes soil microorganism activity for a healthy garden bed
  • Limits extreme temperature fluctuations in our Canadian summers/winters
  • Makes your property look beautiful and manicured

Types of mulch offered:

  • Shredded pine mulch (dyed or natural)
  • Shredded cedar mulch (dyed or natural)
  • Black mulch (dyed)
  • Red mulch (dyed)
  • Other options upon request

Mulching Services

All mulches supplied by Envision Landscapes are delivered in bulk and applied by our team.

Mulch can be applied any time between spring and fall, but we recommend applying it in the spring or early summer, so you can enjoy it for the remainder of the year.

Envision Landscapes recommends mulching every year, or every other year (depending on the desired look) in order to maintain proper mulch levels in the garden bed.

To have mulching performed at your property, please contact us for your custom quote.