Date: July 2012
Cat: Hardscape, Landscape Construction

Look out Garden Lovers

Softscaping Project

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  • Natural Flagstone Walkway

  • Completed Project

  • Post-winter view

  • Planning Stage

Project Detail

For the project, these Ancaster homeowners had one request. They wanted to remove the entire lawn. By the end of the project, we had approximately 1/10th of the old existing lawn lawn remaining.

Envision Landscape built two armour stone terraces into the small rise in elevation. Along the top of the ridge, we continued a flagstone path from the right side gate all the way to the front door. A secondary walk was taken all the way to the driveway. Access to these gardens was a must.

The plantings were selected after much consultation with the clients. They took a leading role in the choice of the actual plant types, as they had a particular vision that they wanted to follow. At the end of the project, the property exceeded their expectations and that of many of their neighbours and friends.