Date: September 2012
Cat: Landscape Construction

Natural Stone Firepit

Outdoor Natural Living Area

Main Content
  • Natural Stone Firepit

  • Plantings around Firepit

Project Detail

The clients in this Binbrook country property have lived there for many years. When their pool was finally ready for disposal, they reached out to Envision Landscapes. They were considering what could be done with the gaping area in their property where the above ground pool sat.

Envision Landscapes came up with a plan that complimented the character of their country property. The site dictated an informal area that flowed easily from one area to to the next. The clients had one request for the plan. They wanted it oriented towards their growing amount of grandchildren.

Since they already had a formal sitting area on the backyard deck, they didn’t require a large sitting area. They did want to replicate an outdoor natural stone firepit with seating around it.

When the stone work was completed with over sized natural flagstone, the softscaping began. A clear line of sight to open fields, along with a number of grouped plantings against the deck. Together this created a beautiful transition from the various areas in their backyard. It has become an enjoyable place for their entire family.