Date: October 2014
Cat: Landscape Construction

Custom Pergola Project

Dreams to reality

Main Content
  • Completed Pergola with cover pulled back

  • Frame built

  • Structure built, waiting for cover to be installed

  • Completed structure

  • Frame built

  • Completed pergola with shade cover drawn.

Project Detail

This particular client had a landscape plan drawn up a few years back to complement their home. The plan allowed them to update the landscape in different phases. The initial plan had a pergola located off the back of the property. Now, a few years later, Envision took the plan and the dream of these Ancaster homeowners and made it a reality.

A custom pergola was designed based upon the specifications the client requested. It had rough cedar posts, and beautiful clear cedar pieces along the top of the pergola. The plan is to stain it in the future.

As part of the project, a custom shade canopy from Shade-fx (a local Canadian company), was ordered and installed. This allows for a shade area in the hot summer weather.