Date: November 2011
Cat: Landscape Construction

Backyard Patio

Small Backyard Patio

Main Content
  • Previous Patio

  • Sand placed in gaps to prevent plant growth.

  • Completed

Project Detail

This Hamilton property needed a backyard facelift. The backyard was full of concrete paving slabs with grass growing between. Two types of stone were used to create a unique look.

Mega-Arbel interlocking stone (flagstone style) from Permacon forms a semi-circle when you enter the backyard from the driveway. Trafalgar interlocking stone was used to complete a soldier course around the patio edges and blend two products together. The border helped create a straight linear look that lines up with the house.

After the patio was completed, it was sealed with a matted sealer to create a permanently wet look on this backyard patio.