Date: April 2012
Cat: Hardscape, Landscape Construction

Property Design

Front Yard Landscaping

Main Content
  • Before softscaping - a clean slate!

  • Completed Front Yard

Project Detail

Envision Landscapes was asked to come up with a property design for this brand new Aldershot house. The implementation was completed in two phases after the design was accepted.

The first phase consisted of a interlocking stone walkway extending to the main entrance along with a small sitting area. The foundation plantings against the house and a formal boxwood hedge were installed along the front walkway. These additions added character to this newly built home.

In time, a new owner moved into the property. They contacted Envision Landscapes to discuss their intentions for the property.  They wanted to have some plantings around the mature tree in the middle of the front yard, and bring the sidewalk and garden bed closer to the road. The goal was to create an illusion that the house was closer to the road than it really was.

These photos were taken right as the final softscape installation was completed. Now, over three years later, it is a mature garden in the front of the house and it has transformed the property which now stands out in the neighbourhood. That is the Envision difference.