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Sod Application

Sod is the quickest and most reliable way to establish a lawn. It can be laid anytime during the growing season, although spring and early fall are best. Cool temperatures combined with occasional rain will help sod root quickly.

It can take about two weeks for the sod to grow shallow roots, and up to six weeks to achieve deep root growth. With proper preparation from our knowledgeable team, combined with the right amount of sun and water, your sod will be thriving in no time.

Benefits of sod:

  • Increases property value
  • Provides immediate erosion control on a steep slope
  • Reduces noise level
  • Creates a safer environment for your kids and pets
  • Absorbs sunlight and helps keep your house cool during the hot summer months
  • Reduces pollution
  • Generates oxygen

Envision Landscapes can deliver and install fresh-cut sod to help you achieve an attractive looking lawn. Contact us for more information.