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Residential/Commercial Maintenance

Bush & Tree Care

Bush Care

Bushes beautify your property, but different varieties required different levels of care. Some require only light pruning, while others need to be cut right back. Envision Landscapes has the knowledge to assess the pruning requirements of your bushes, and the expertise to prune them to achieve the manicured look your garden deserves. Pruning can be incorporated into your regular maintenance schedule or conducted periodically throughout the year. 

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Tree Care

Trees need pruning to look beautiful and stay healthy. Periodically trimming dead, diseased and decaying limbs creates a healthier tree and prevents any illnesses from affecting the entire tree. Envision Landscapes will assess your tree’s overall structure so that it can grow freely for years to come.

Tree pruning is recommended every two to five years, although the frequency and time of year vary depending on the variety. Envision Landscapes can advise you about the specific requirements needed to keep your trees in top condition.