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Choosing the Proper Material for Landscape Construction Projects

July 2017
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Completing a Landscape Construction Project

When completing landscape construction projects around your property such as installing a walkway, building a fence or constructing a patio, plenty of material choices are available depending on the look and purpose you want the end project to have. Check out our tips below to help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing a material!

Choosing the Optimal Walkway Material for Your Property

Before choosing a material for your outdoor walkway, asking yourself some important questions regarding how it will be used will make your decision easier. Considering implications such as whether your walkway will be in the front or back yard, in a high traffic/high maintenance area or whether you will be rolling garbage cans or garden equipment over it will help ensure the right walkway material is chosen. Listed below are some of the most popular choices for walkways:

  • Concrete walkways not only provide plenty of curb appeal, but they provide different decorative options involving colours and patterns.
  • Although costly, natural stone is the most popular walkway material choice and looks great in formal, casual or rustic landscapes.
  • Aggregate stone and rock is inexpensive to install and has a natural, rustic look great for natural gardens.
  • Brick creates a timeless, classic look and can create interesting walkway finishes and patterns.

Building a Fence with the Right Material Choice

When it comes to fencing, there are a lot of different material choices available. Asking yourself what type of look (distinctive or natural?), level of security and type of maintenance you want will help you choose the proper fencing material for your property. Besides wrought iron, PVC and vinyl, other fencing options include:

  • Aluminum: one of the most basic, attractive and low maintenance types, but lacks a high level of security.
  • Wood: the most popular fencing material choice which not only provides privacy and attractiveness, but lasts many years.
  • Chain link: inexpensive, durable and low maintenance, but does not add much privacy to your property.

Choosing the Proper Material when Constructing a Patio

Another popular backyard landscaping construction project is constructing a patio. Deciding what size and purpose you require your patio to have and whether you want a distinctive design will help you choose between material options such as concrete, wood and pavers.

Let Envision Landscapes Help You Decide!

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